Images and video clips by Don Cook, Mike Frieri and Mackensi Neighbors
Mufflers required at KSP - see your rules for details
OCTOBER 1, 2016 Crowd...
The 2018 Season Fires Up This Weekend!!

Our 2018 racing season schedule and Spring Kick-Off event just launched. The event flyer is loaded at www.raceKSP.com and just hit the schedule
tab above to view the entire season.

Our SPRING KICK-OFF is February 22-24. Details are posted at the home page of our site.

KSP is a great 'vehicle' for businesses to connect with their target market. We have a wide range of advertising possibilities available - for all
budget sizes. Just contact our track promoter. To reach Tony, please email him at
Click here to view/print
2017 KSP schedule in text-only format
IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner - Jay Bransom
IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car Winner - Marcus Thomas
IMCA SportMod Feature Winner -   J.C. Howell
Factory Stock Feature Winner - Chase Neill
IMCA Modified Feature Winner - Chase Allen
Our 2018 Schedule is also available in PDF (view/print) format without the black background. Click here to download it.