4/28/18 George White -  IMCA RaceSaver Feature Winner
Images and video clips by Don Cook, Mike Frieri and Mackensi Neighbors
Mufflers required at KSP - see your rules for details
THANK YOU to everyone that joined us at the Texas Motorsport
Expo on December 1st!  

Our 2019 events schedule is now posted, just click our schedule link
above to view it, and there is also a printer-friendly link if you'd like to
output the file.

The first racing event of the 2019 season will be the 4th annual
Smackdown Feb. 8-9, and for more event information, please visit

Then KSP will have the big Spring Kick-Off on Feb. 22-23, to view the
event flyer in full-size, click the flyer image below. Until then, have
a great and safe Holiday season!

KSP is a great 'vehicle' for businesses to connect with their target
market. We have a wide range of advertising possibilities available - for all budget
sizes.Just contact our track promoter.  To reach Tony, please email him
Our 2019 Schedule is also available in PDF (view/print) format without the black background. Click here to download it.
09/29/18 - Trevor Goad Winged 600 Feature Winner
09/29/18 Tommy Williams Jr. - Factory Stock Winner
09/29/18 James McCreery - SportMod Feature Winner
09/29/18 Colton Obregon - IMCA Stock Car Feature Winner

Don Cook photo
09/29/18 Donna Gafford - Factory Stock Feature Winner #2
COMPACT Division! -
CLICK HERE for Rules!
09/29/18 - Marvin Skinner, IMCA Modified Feature Winner
09/29/18 Logan Scherb - RaceSaver Sprint Car Feature Winner
09/29/18 Jimmy Rawlins - Jr. Mini Stock Feature Winner